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OpenSource CFD for industry- basic usage

Efficient use of Linux®, OpenFOAM®1, and Paraview®

The use of OpenSource CFD in industry and academia has been growing rapidly the last decade. Many industries use it as a complement to the proprietary CFD tools, in order to reduce license costs and facilitate the usage of large computational resources. Some industries, and academia, use it because it facilitates the development of new functionalities throughout the entire code, without the limitation of specific modifications through user-defined functions. However, OpenSource CFD tools generally require more knowledge by the user than the proprietary alternatives. This is not necessarily a drawback, since although the proprietary alternatives are easier to use, the user should still have the same knowledge of the underlying methods in order to set up the simulations correctly and to assess the quality of the results.

About this course

The present course is the first of two courses (2+2 days). It covers the basic knowledge that is needed to efficiently use OpenSource software, while the follow-up course extends the knowledge to high-level code development. This basic course is mainly based on the Linux operating system, the OpenFOAM OpenSource CFD toolbox, and the Paraview visualization software. The course is given as a hands-on workshop. The basic procedures are shown using a projector, and time is left for the participants to follow on their own laptop (brought by the participant – installation instructions will be provided before the start of the course).

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"1) This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, the producer of the OpenFOAM software and owner of the OPENFOAM®  and OpenCFD® trade marks."

About Håkan Nilsson

The course is given by Håkan Nilsson, Associate Professor at Applied Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Chalmers University of Technology. Håkan has taught similar courses since 2007. He focuses all his numerical research projects since 2005 on the use of these OpenSource software, and the development of new functionalities based on them (publications).He is part of the great community of OpenFOAM users, and is highly involved in the distribution of community-contributed tutorials through the OpenFOAM Wiki, implementations thorugh the OpenFOAM-extend project, and group organizations at the OpenFOAM community portal. Håkan is part of the OpenFOAM Workshop Committee, and he arranged the 5th OpenFOAM Workshop at Chalmers in 2010, with 213 participants from 31 countries. He has taught courses at several of those workshop, from basic usage to advanced usage for turbomachinery applications.

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