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Lean Production - Växjö

7.5 credits

Lean production consists of a set of principles and methods, which embraces the processes of the enterprise. These can be derived from a business philosophy and strategy which include all of the activities in a company. The course introduces and establishes the basic principles for Lean production and lays a foundation for wider and deeper studies of the operations in lean enterprises.

The basic course covers the following subjects:

  • Lean thinking and Lean principles
  • Stability and standardized work
  • Value stream mapping and production control
  • Pull and push production system
  • Quality philosophy and methods
  • Teamwork, commitment and involvement
  • Lean Management
  • Seeing the whole
  • Lean transformation

Course outline
The course is given as five two-day modules. In each module a combination of lectures, practical exercises and hands-on analysis in participating host companies is given.

Course modules
Day 1-2: Lean thinking and Lean principles
Day 3-4: Stability and Standardized Work
Day 5-6: Value Stream Mapping and Production Control
Day 7-8: Quality Philosophy and Methods. Involvement
Day 9-10: Lean Management, Networking, The Culture Change

Lean Production Simplified, Pacal Dennis 
The Toyota Way, Jeffrey Liker 
The New Lean Toolbox, Bicheno


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