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Lean Construction

7.5 credits

The purpose of this course is to convey a comprehensive picture of the concept of lean and to discuss its applicability to companies in the construction sector. Also the purpose is to identify possibilities to eliminate waste and to outline a more efficient delivery system for construction.

On completion of the course students will have a basic understanding of the following: lean thinking and lean principles, stability and standardized work, value stream management, production control, quality philosophy and methods, people and teams, commitment and involvement, lean management, supplier, sales and service relationships and the demand for culture change.

The course covers the philosophies and principles of Lean Construction. The course sets out from a set of principles and techniques that aim at making construction more effective and quality conscious. It deals with a business philosophy and a strategic thinking that involves companies and organizations as well as various inter-organizational collaborations and alliances. With reference to best practice the course lays the foundation of a new approach to promote efficiency in construction.

The course consists of the following modules:

  • A business strategy that strengthens the competitive advantage
  • Making processes visible with value creation in focus
  • Standardizing for continuous improvement
  • Stimulating people to increased engagement
  • Developing organizations and renewing the sector
Jeffrey Liker, The Toyota Way, McGraw-Hill, 2004
John Bicheno, The New Lean Toolbox, PICSIE Books, 2003
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